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Sridhar & Abhishek met around a decade back at PayPal, a global payments company operating across 200+ markets. Both of them charted their unique paths thereafter across diverse opportunities and markets. Abhishek went on to build businesses at UBER, GRAB, Ingenico, GoJek & SimpliFi. Sridhar created his own niche, building businesses i.e. GE, SCB, eBay and multiple start-ups from ground up including Telr PSP, E-Commerce & Logistics ventures managing investments. They met again in the UAE to find their passion intact to ease payments for businesses. 


In the ideal world businesses should not be worrying about which payment services provider they should choose or worry about aspects of payments in their day to day operations. This is where the seed of PayDart was roped in.


PayDart is not a payment gateway, it's a proprietary technology that enables payments orchestration. Paydart is on a mission to eliminate payments as a task for both businesses and payers alike.


Through PayDart businesses would be able to

  1. Onboard with multitude of payment service providers with one application and integration

  2. Customize their checkout page powered by combination or services providers to offer any payment method their customers like

  3. Leverage emerging innovations of routing, cascading & retries to ensure that a legit payment intent of their customers  is fulfilled

  4. Accept payments on their ecommerce platforms or leverage intelligent payment links, invoices and subscriptions to expand the offerings of their business 

  5. Experience best in class security, identity and fraud management powering a tokenization vault which would allow their customers to complete the payment in one click


PayDart allows businesses to sell more of what they already sell by reducing payment dropoff & increased conversions. Businesses would be able to manage their payments aspect of the business through PayDart Unified Portal. PayDart is curated with care for conversion.


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